Class Testimonials

"Think you’re good enough? Think again. I’ve been riding for 37 years, and always thought of myself as an expert rider. Wow, was I wrong! Now that I’ve taken Jeff’s class, I realize just how much I had to learn. Jeff is an elite rider, but an even better teacher. He taught me skills that I NEVER could’ve learned on my own- skills that someday could save my life. I left his class a far better rider than when I arrived, and now that I have the tools he has provided, I plan to take my abilities to a whole new level. I’m going to take the course again next summer, and I’m bringing my son and son in law. Thanks again, Jeff and Tina!" - Matt Strader

"I took this Ride Like a Pro course after riding for 41 years (started riding at age 14). My main goal was to learn how to make a quick and safe U-turn on the motorcycle. In order to do this correctly, we first had to learn how to control the bike using the “friction zone” in combination with the rear brake, head and eyes. The instructor and owner of Ride Like a Pro Pittsburgh is Jeff Roehrig. Jeff has an excellent method for teaching how to get into the friction zone and use it to complete the course. He was patient and explained every step of the course along the way. I now have the skills and knowledge to take home with me and practice on a regular basis in order to fine tune these skills. I HIGHLY recommend this course and in particular our instructor, Jeff." - Bill King

I really enjoyed the class and was practicing the techniques on the way home. I am planning on re-attending in the near future and I am trying to encourage some friends to come with me. Thank you very much for a morning well spent.” – Ken Baker

Excellent interpersonal skills spot on analysis as well as a sound coach” – David Carlisle

“It was a great class and Jeff was a great teacher. 
Very patient and loves what he does. 
My riding improved more than I ever thought it would. 
Thank you”  - Frank Martinelli

Once again, Jeff has taken the time to do a thorough job of teaching us the techniques.” - Tom Alfonsi

"Jeff is very knowledgeable and patient. I've been riding (off & on) for 43 years. No one ever taught me some of the skills I learned through Ride Like a Pro.” - Rick Brown

"Excellent class and well worth the fee. Got my monies worth in the first 2 hours and will be going through again to continue to improve my skills.” - Scott Davis

“Jeff and Tina put on a great class! The instruction was outstanding and Jeff provided on-the-spot corrections. After 4 hours of class, I felt like a 100% better rider. I am much more confident on my bike and would highly recommend this class to everyone.” - Jason Embree

"Excellent motorcycle instruction with valuable, practical techniques for improved maneuverability! Jeff was informative, patient and professional. An excellent experience!" - Eric Hanson

"I completed the class on April 27th. I learned things I never even thought about in my 10 plus years of riding, Jeff was very patient and allowed me to learn at my own pace. He encouraged us the whole time. I left the class with so much more confidence. I have been thinking about taking this class since last spring but  never committed to it.  I am very happy I finally did!  I realized it was worth the investment as soon as I started on my trip back home.   Thank You Jeff and Tina!"  - Dennis Kopelic

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